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Smart controls Verwood

Smart Heating Controls [FAQs]

Tim Reynolds Plumbing and Heating are available to install, maintain and repair any Smart heating thermostats and central heating systems throughout any area surrounding Verwood.  We have put together a section of Frequently Asked Questions for any customers who might be contemplating Smart Controls for their central heating at home.

Smart thermostat Verwood, Dorset

Why now is the time to improve the energy-efficiency of your home

Keeping your home's energy efficiency high is, of course, massively important both for the environment and for helping us save on bills, but why is this now the right time to be investing in improving your efficiency? Tim Reynolds Plumbing and Heating are here to explain why now is more important than ever before to try and make your home more energy-efficient, as well as some fantastic methods of doing so.

Water Softeners

A Complete Guide to Water Softeners

Without water softeners, your water will remain 'hard', and hard water is known to damage your internal plumbing system.  A water softener functions to eliminates the build-up of any limescale and harmful minerals before it reaches your taps.