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Powerflushing in Verwood

Providing expert powerflushing (radiator cleaning) service throughout Verwood and any surrounding areas, such as Dorset, Ferndown, West Moors and Ringwood.

Have you started to notice that your radiators are taking longer than usual to heat up and warm up your room? Have you even tried bleeding them and they're still showing cold spots? If that's the case, then your central heating system is in need of a powerflush. 

Powerflushing is the removal of sludge, rust or debris from your central heating system, which helps resolve problems so your home can be heated more effectively. Over time, matter builds in your radiators and boiler and causes performance issues and a decrease in heat circulation. Want to get in touch with us to discuss powerflushing? Just give us a call via our phone number on, 01202 802281.

Signs your central heating system needs powerflushing

If you notice any of the below issues in your home, you may be due a powerflush:

  • If you have started noticing some cold spots appearing on your radiators, this may mean that your central heating system would benefit from a powerflush. These cold spots are likely showing up due to a blockage within the system and need to be flushed out in order to be fixed.
  • Strange noises coming from your boiler? You could need a powerflush to sort it out.
  • If your  radiators are taking too long to heat up, or it's not heating your room properly, then you could need a powerflush.
  • If the hot water that's running at your home isn't as hot as it once was, this could be due to sludge deposited inside your central heating system. Your home would definitely benefit from a powerflush.

How does powerflushing work? 

Powerflushing is the term used for when a plumber or heating engineer uses a jet powered burst of water to clean a central heating system. It is the most efficient way of cleansing your entire system so that you can live in a warmer home with your radiators functioning at their optimal level. 

Our plumbers and heating engineers use chemicals in the jet wash which is pumped around your central heating system at high speeds, ridding of any sludge that has deposited and is inhibiting heat flow inside your radiators.

Once the flushing is complete, the central heating system is left with clean water that can seamlessly flow throughout the system.

You can rely on Tim Reynolds to powerflush your home by carefully injecting water through your entire system, followed by special cleansing agents to further clean and protect your central heating system. The process is free from mess and you’re likely to benefit from a much more improved central heating system, so book one of our specialists in today if you are interested in a powerflush!

Why choose us?

It’s important to select an experienced, qualified engineer for powerflushing, and at Tim Reynolds, we offer a high-quality service with gas safety a top priority. Powerflushing is only necessary around every four to five years, so we believe it’s a small investment well worth making to improve and maintain the performance of your central heating system. 

We believe we make an excellent choice for plumbing services due to the high quality of our customer service and our workmanship. Any disruption to you the customer is kept to a minimum and your property is kept protected and looked after at all times. Furthermore, all our plumbers are fully qualified and highly experienced. We are, among other qualifications, WaterSafe qualified. Because of all of this, we are proud to say we maintain strong relationships with our clients, some examples of which you can see for yourself using our Reviews page.

Contact us for Powerflushing Services

Here at Tim Reynolds, we cover the areas of Verwood, Ringwood, Ferndown, West Moors and surrounding areas, and would be happy to provide a quote for our powerflushing service. Just call us on 01202 802281 or email tim@timreynolds.co.uk for further information. You can also send us a message via the contact form on our contact page.

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