Why Energy Efficiency is Crucial to Your Property

If you’re familiar with the concept of energy efficiency, you’ll know that one of the main arguments in favour of this involves reduced gas and electricity bills.


Whilst this is arguably the single most compelling reason to create an energy efficient home, however, there are several other advantages that home-owners need to consider before offering an informed opinion on the topic.


Below, we’ve discussed some of these benefits in further detail, whilst asking why they’re important from the perspective of property owners.


Breathe Healthy, Fresh and Clean Air


The average home can be a deceptively polluted place, with everything from microwaves to printers releasing radiation into the air. 


Even kettles and fish tanks can release an excess of moisture into their air, creating higher levels of humidity and a potentially stagnant flow of air.


With the installation of energy efficient measures and ventilation systems in your home, you can negate these significant risks and ensure that your family breathes healthy and clean air in the future.


Reduce the Moisture in Your Property


On the subject of humidity, it’s interesting to note that the average home releases between 10 and 50 litres of moisture into the air every single day.


In instances where your home’s humidity levels peak at over 50%, you could begin to experience a significant decline in air quality whilst also finding it difficult to control the spread of airborne diseases.


To negate this issue, the air in your home needs to be replaced with fresh air every three hours on average. Energy efficient ventilation measures can help in this respect, whilst helping to maintain your overall health levels over time.


Increase the Resale Value of Your Home


On the face of it, energy efficient buildings tend to have longer life-cycles, primarily because they eliminate problems such as mould growth in the home.


At the same time, these structures have lower maintenance fees and operational costs, thanks to reduced energy consumption and the fact that they typically rely on modern and high-performance boiler units. 


These factors are worthy of your consideration, as they contribute to a more desirable property and one that can boast a higher resale value going forward. It may also increase the demand for your home, creating a scenario where you may be able to command an even higher price from buyers!


Realising These Benefits With Tim Reynolds


In order to realise the full benefits of an energy efficient home, you’ll realistically need to install a modern, A-rated boiler that boasts efficiency levels in excess of 90%.


The team at Tim Reynolds can help you to achieve this goal, as our engineers boast years of experience and a range of accreditations including Gas Safe registration, NICEIC registration and a WaterSafe qualification. With this in mind, why not contact us today on 01202 802281 and let us help you start your journey towards creating an energy efficient home. You can also email us at tim@timreynolds.co.uk, and we’ll look to respond to your query as soon as we can!