What Size Boiler Does My Home Need?

Choosing a new boiler can be a confusing affair because there’s so much to think about. As well as the type of boiler and the brand, you also need to decide on the best size for your needs. Also known as output, the size of your new boiler will impact on its power, and how much hot water or heat you are able to use. And if, after reading this guide, you realise you don’t need a lot, a boiler with a smaller output will save you money on your bills, as well as not waste energy. 


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How do I know the output I need for my boiler?

Before making a final decision, talk to your chosen Gas Safe registered engineer about your needs. However, our handy guide below will help you understand more about what size boiler your home needs.

The size of your home

Smaller homes generally need a smaller output as there are fewer radiators to heat, whereas larger homes have more rooms and radiators and therefore need a boiler with a bit more oomph.

The number of bathrooms in your home

If you only need to send water to one bathroom then this will also impact on size. Homes with a higher hot water demand and multiple bathrooms usually need a bigger output.

The size of your old boiler

You may already feel that your previous boiler did not give you what you needed and you want to upsize. However, if the old size seemed suitable and your circumstances haven’t changed, for example nobody’s left home or joined the family, you may benefit from the same size again. 

How much heating you use

Families who use their heating a lot need a larger output than smaller families who don’t require such warm temperatures so often. Think about how you use your central heating system and how much heat and hot water the occupants of your home tend to need. 

How do I make an output calculation?

After you’ve considered the above factors and counted the number of rooms, bathrooms and occupants in your home, click through to this guide, that provides an easy way to calculate your approximate boiler output needed.  

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