How Do I Know if My Central Heating is in Need of Repair

In most cases, it’s abundantly clear when our boilers or central heating systems are in need of a repair. 


However, there are occasions where faults can go undetected, creating a scenario where your heating system continues to operate below its optimal capacity and your boiler is placed under a growing strain.


To help avoid this, you need to keep your eyes peeled for the tell-tale signs that your central heating system is in need of a repair. Here are a few to keep in mind:


Your Radiators are Cold All Over


We’ve all encountered a scenario where our radiators are cold at the top, and in this instance, you simply need to bleed the unit and release any trapped air from the system.


However, there are cases where your radiators may be cold all over, whilst it’s not unusual to notice that there’s a simultaneous lack of hot water in the property. 


This issue can be caused by any number of factors, and it’s important to check that there’s a steady supply of hot water through the motorised diverter valve and electricity.


If there’s still no improvement, there may be an issue with the pump. If this is being affected by trapped air or the accumulation of dirt, it may be time to have your system power flushed!


Is the Boiler Making a Strange Noise?


Boilers often make strange and unsettling sounds, and whilst some of these are harmless others are indicative of an underlying system issue.


One of the most worrying sounds is known as ‘kettling’, which can often occur whenever the pilot light first ignites. 


Although this sound can be concerning, it’s often caused by trapped air in the heating system, and to correct this you may need to call on a qualified engineer to locate the air bleed screw and vent any excess.


There’s a Loss of System Pressure


Whenever you have concerns about your boiler, one of your first ports of call should be to check the level of system pressure.


This is displayed on your boiler’s pressure gauge, with a reading of around 1.5 bar considered to be optimal.


Whilst it’s normal for the boiler to lose pressure after bleeding the radiators, this may also be the result of a water leak.


In the case of the latter, you need to call on an accredited engineer to execute a professional repair.


Why You Can Rely on Tim Reynolds to Handle Your Repairs


At Tim Reynolds, we offer a full and comprehensive range of central heating repairs, with our loyal customers in Verwood and the surrounding areas having benefited from these for years!


Our engineers are also amongst the most accredited in the industry, with Gas Safe and NICEIC registration supplemented by a coveted WaterSafe qualification.


In short, we can carry out any central heating repair at any time, and all you need to do is call us today on 01202 802281. Or, you can email us at and we’ll reply as quickly as we can!