How Can I Improve the Efficiency of my Boiler?

Barely a year seems to pass without energy tariffs rising in the UK, with Ofgem revealing that more than half of all Brits saw their annual energy bills increase in April 2019. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate these rising costs, with optimising the efficiency of your existing boiler unit one of the most effective. But what are the best techniques for optimising the efficiency of your current boiler? Here’s our comprehensive shortlist:


Consider Getting a Powerflush


If you’ve already bled your radiators and discovered that they’re still struggling to get hot, the chances are that the heating system may be struggling due to the gradual accumulation of sludge and debris.


Make no mistake; this can cause significant blockages in your boiler, pipes and radiators, creating a scenario where the system is unable to heat your home efficiently.


In this case, you’ll need to call on a Gas Safe-registered engineer like Tim Reynolds to carry out a powerflush, which sees powerful chemical agents used to cleanse the heating system and tackle the accumulation of limescale.


This will definitely enhance the performance of your boiler, whilst minimising consumption and slashing your energy bills over time.


Keep an Eye on the Pressure Gauge


If your boiler remains switched off during the summer, you’ll need to keep an eye on the pressure gauge when you turn it back on in the autumn.


The reason for this is simple; as the pressure in your boiler is likely to drop during any period of inactivity, creating a scenario where it may struggle to provide and hot water when required.


A healthy pressure gauge should read 1.5 bar, any anything significantly lower than this needs to be addressed. If it’s really low, you may want to consider calling out an engineer to inspect the boiler and recommend any necessary repairs.


Insulate your Pipes


During the winter months, there’s a risk that your pipework may freeze as the temperature plunges towards zero. In some cases, your pipes can even break if the issue isn’t addressed, and this will require a costly and significant repair.


To negate this risk, you may want to consider lagging your central heating pipes. This is done using simple and easy-fit foam tubes, which are capable of reducing heat loss and keeping water hotter for longer.


Lagging can be done independently or through an accredited engineer, but the key is to ensure that use the correct size to fit your pipes!


How Can Tim Reynolds Boost your Boiler’s Performance


If you need to book an annual service, repair or powerflush, and reside in Verwood or the surrounding areas, you can call on Tim Reynolds to help you out!


After all, our highly-trained engineers boast years of experience in the trade, whilst we’re also Gas Safe-registered. We also have NICEIC accreditation and a WaterSafe qualification, which makes our team capable of tackling a wide array of repairs.


No matter what’s preventing your boiler from achieving its optimal efficiency, we’ll diagnose the fault and execute any necessary repairs. So, why not give us a call today on 01202 802281, or drop us a line at if you prefer? Either way, we’re ready and waiting to answer your call!