FAQ's on Powerflushing

There are many services provided by heating engineers in the modern age, with powerflushing one of the most underrated and unfamiliar amongst home-owners.


But what exactly is this service, and what else do you need to know about powerflushing? Here’s some answers to the most frequently-asked questions!


What’s a Powerflush?


Let’s start with the basics; as you need to determine precisely how a powerflush works before understanding its main benefits.


In simple terms; a powerflush is a robust cleansing process that utilises powerful chemicals to remove deposits of rust, sludge and accumulated debris from your heating system.


What are the Benefits of a Powerflush?


Having a powerflush can certainly provide a much needed boost to your heating system, and there are various reasons for this.


To begin with, it improves the performance of your boiler and its heat exchanger, delivering enhanced energy efficiency over time.


This can also increase the lifespan of your heating system, whilst reducing the chances of a costly breakdown and creating hotter radiators throughout the home.


How Often Do I Need a Powerflush?


According to most estimates, you should have a powerflush carried out every five to 10 years on average.


In general terms, having this carried out any more frequently is unnecessary, although there may be some exceptions to this rule.


For example, certain systems have design faults that can cause air to be drawn and the system to erode at a faster rate. These heating systems may require more frequent flushing, and you should always check in with an accredited engineer if you’re unsure.


How Long Does a Powerflush Take?


Once again, this will vary depending on the age of your system and the level at which debris has accumulated over time.


On average, however, this process will take up to six hours to complete, although it can take up to a day in some instances.


Do I Need a Powerflush If I’m Getting a New Boiler?


The short answer to this question is yes, particularly if you’re installing a new boiler as part of an existing heating system.


This allows engineers to guarantee their work more effectively, as they can verify that the new boiler has been installed into a clean and functional heating system.


You can even receive a certificate to confirm this and that your heating system has been powerflushed.


Why Employ Tim Reynolds to Carry Out Your Powerflush?


At Tim Reynolds, we offer a comprehensive powerflushing service, and one that has improved the efficiency of our customer’s boilers throughout Verwood and the surrounding areas.


Our engineers are all Gas Safe-registered too, whilst we also boast NICEIC registration and a coveted WaterSafe qualification.


We’re also approved installers with reputable boiler brands such as Glowworm and Vaillant, so why not give us a call today on 01202 802281 or shoot us an email to tim@timreynolds.co.uk at your earliest convenience.