FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions on Underfloor Heating

We've answered all of your most frequently asked questions about underfloor heating...

How much does underfloor heating cost to install?

The cost of underfloor heating is very much dependent on the size of your property, where you'd like to install the underfloor heating and the most suitable underfloor heating system for your home, so it's difficult to speculate. 

We're more than happy to come round and give you a free quote for its installation, however.

Having said that, underfloor heating is around 25% more energy efficient than radiators, so it will actually help you save money on your heating bills. 

What are the two types of underfloor heating and which one should I install?

There are two main types of underfloor heating systems: hot-water (or wet) systems, and electric (or dry) systems.

Wet underfloor heating systems use warm water like your traditional central heating system. We'd normally recommend installing a wet underfloor heating system on a brand new renovation, rather than laying it under existing floor because you'll need to screed the floor beforehand.

Electric underfloor heating systems are self-explanatory, they run off your electrics! They're typically cheaper to install, but are less efficient in the long-term. You'll also need to install a new thermometer to control the electric heating too.

What flooring can be on top of underfloor heating?

One of the main benefits of underfloor heating is that it can be used under most floor coverings, including carpet, tiles, engineered wood, laminate flooring and more.

How long underfloor heating take to warm up?

Retrofit underfloor heating (electric systems) that sits on top of the floor warms up very quickly, much quicker than underfloor heating that is set within a screed. However, underfloor heating that is set within a screed (wet systems), tend to keep ahold of the heat for longer, hence why they're more energy-efficient.

Can I use underfloor heating and radiators together?

Yes, you can use underfloor heating and radiators together in the same room, although you probably won't need to because underfloor heating will do a good job of warming up your room.

Do I need a special boiler to use underfloor heating?

No, you can use underfloor heating with your existing boiler (providing it's powerful enough to cope with the extra demands, which is usually the case). 

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