Benefits of Installing a New Bathroom

Whilst the precise ROI provided by installing a new bathroom suite can be debated at length, there’s no doubt that this adds considerable value to your home.


This makes a new bathroom installation an incredibly popular home modification, and one that’s relatively inexpensive in comparison with extending your property or fitting a new kitchen.


But what are the exact benefits of installing a new bathroom? Let’s find out below!


Save Money Over Time


The bathroom places the biggest demands on your boiler and heating system, so installing a new suite can help to boost energy efficiency and slash monthly utility costs going forward.


Whether this involves replacing leaky faucets, installing aerators or fitting a water-efficient toilet, these design changes can drive incremental savings and gradually lower your home’s carbon footprint over time.


This benefit is easily overlooked by home-owners, so keep this in mind when selecting your new suite and each individual component.


Create a More Eco-friendly Space


As we’ve already touched on, installing a new bathroom can also help you to create a more eco-friendly home.


In addition to installing more efficient appliances, you can also invest in sustainable fixtures and materials to help bring your creative vision to life.


You should also consider working with biodegradable and recyclable building materials where possible, whilst focusing on saving and repurposing items from landfill sites.


Reduce the Clutter in Your Bathroom


If you’ve ever lived with a poorly designed bathroom, you’ll know that this type of layout tends to invite clutter.


With this in mind, investing in a new and ergonomic bathroom design can help to increase the amount of space at your disposal, whilst introducing subtle and hidden storage solutions.


These solutions can provide a handy and discreet home for your towels and toiletries, whilst optimising the illusion of space in your bathroom.


Can Tim Reynolds Help to Bring Your Bathroom Designs to Life?


Whilst you may have a clear vision for your new bathroom suite, bridging the gap between perception and reality is far easier said than done.


This is where Tim Reynolds enters the fray, however, as our experienced and accredited plumbing and heating engineers can work on even the most complex bathroom designs whilst delivering considerable value for your hard-earned money.


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