Benefits of Hot Water Unvented Cylinders

Whilst unvented hot water cylinders may not be particularly commonplace in the UK, they’re becoming increasingly popular with every passing year.


There’s good reason for this too; as these cylinders offer numerous advantages over alternative heating systems whilst also negating the need for a cold water tank in your home.


Unvented hot water systems are fed directly by the cold water mains, whilst they also use immersion heaters or boiler units to heat the water supply. In this article, we’ll look at the main benefits of unvented hot water systems in the current marketplace.


They Free Up Space in your Property


As we’ve already touched on, unvented hot water cylinders don’t require the installation of a separate cold water tank.


This enables you to free up valuable and much-needed space in your home, and this can prove a Godsend in an age where new build properties are continuing to diminish in size.


By removing the need to have a cold water tank installed in your loft, you can also retain the option to extend your property in the future and even create an additional bedroom in some instances.


They Provide Stronger Water Pressure


In technical terms, unvented hot water systems also tend to provide stronger water pressure than an open-vented alternative.


This is because unvented cylinders are directly supplied by a mains water source, and it most instances this providers a more powerful and consistent source of water.


This is ideal if you own a larger property that features two or more bathrooms, as you’ll be able to maintain the optimal water pressure even when the demand for hot water is at its highest.


They Don’t Rely on Gravity to Function


Unlike vented cylinders, unvented hot water cylinders don’t rely on gravity to function efficiently in the home.


This is an important consideration, as it ensures that they can be installed almost anywhere in your property without forcing you to compromise on performance or efficiency.


So, you can tailor the installation to suit the size and layout of your home, helping you to get genuine value for your hard-earned money.


Who Can Install Your Unvented Hot Water Cylinder?


If you do decide that an unvented hot water cylinder is right for your home and you live in Verwood or the surrounding areas, the team at Tim Reynolds is ready and waiting to take your call.


After all, our team is well-versed in the art of installing unvented hot water cylinders, whilst we’re also one of the most accredited engineers around. We’re both Gas Safe and NICEIC-registered, for example, whilst our engineers also have a coveted WaterSafe qualification.


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